Friday, January 2, 2009

Holy Snow Batman!

Wow, the snow out there is insane!

This morning I go to start my car and am shocked by the amount of snow, a good 2 feet I think. I get the car cleared off (after soaking my pants to the knees). I backed out and backed in to make sure I could get out. Came back inside, got the kids gear on which takes so long. We get back in the car and I am STUCK. There is no amount of gassing it that is getting me out.

I give the boss a call. He says he has a tow rope. I said I am going to see if maintenance can get me out and see if they plow and I will call him back in a few. 9:30 rolls around and I get maintenance to push on the car, they can not move me at all. So I called my boss back and he says well I can come get you. I think okay cool but I have the kids to take to daycare. That's fine...if I tow you out you'll probably just get stuck on the roads. The plows can not keep up with the snow.

So thankfully my boss came and got the kids and I an took us where we needed to be. I do not want to use my sick/vacation time yet so I am thankful he did that for me!

Well we get an email from HR that they are closing our work. The snow and roads are so bad they are closing my work which says A LOT about the place I work for. We are a huge company too. We all get to leave with pay....awesome. So of course the boss brought us home. My very best guy friend (this guy would do anything for me and his friends...he is amazing to have in life and I am thankful he is a good friend to me, I adore his friendship) came over and between the two of them my car is pushed back in it's spot but still stuck.

I am okay with stuck. Warm day inside is a perfect day for me.


  1. We still don't have snow. We won't until about Feb but I'll be telling a story like that one soon enough. Great picture!!

  2. Warm inside is my favorite thing right now. Its 20 below here! Ugh and double ugh.
    Stay warm and unstuck!

  3. Wow, that is crazy! Nice to have a cozy day though!

  4. Whoa ! That looks like a LOT of snow - try and stay warm.