Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy *HEART* day!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day! I actually had a kid free night (even though I am a single mom it was nice). I went to dinner with some friends, came home and did nothing pretty much.

Sunday the kids and I had our annual Valentine's Dinner. It is such a fun way to create some special memories and show them they are MY only Valentine's.

Valentine's for class:

Hope you had a lovely week as well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Chalkboard

I saw a great post at Joys of Home about creating a chalk board from a thrift store painting. I found a great piece of "ugly" art for $3.00 and the kids and I went to it. Her instructions were so easy to follow!

We have a few other "chalk" pieces around here. I painted Kyler's dresser with the chalkboard paint. They love to draw on it and I like to leave secret I love you's on there as well. Also, the kids have a cubby stand that is also free for creativity! I love it. I think our new piece will be used for reminders or inspirational quotes. Here is my project instructions. Visit her blog Joys of Home, she has great ideas!

First you will want to sand down your frame.

Then get some kids and a patient mother and let them paint the frame. I released some perfectionism and let them get paint wherever they needed to get the project done. I love the frame color I chose! It matches my rug in the living room perfectly.

Then go ahead and tape off your frame after it dries. I gave it 3 coats of the chalkboard paint. It was leftover I used from doing the dresser and the kids cubbies.

Finally rub chalk all over the paint after it dries. The paint can says so, okay...haha.

Finally you are free to decorate. I may distress this a little still. I love the way it turned out. Give it a thrifty and easy to do. I think I am going to make smaller versions for the kids room for reminders.